William Johnson/Guillaume Jeansonne Family 1860

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William Johnson was born about 1860 in Decosse, Scotland.
He died in 1731 in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada.

He married Elizabeth Isabelle Corporon about 1712 in the Acadian area of Canada.

In 1710 William Johnson was a soldier in an English regiment that was sent from the English colonies in America to England to promote an expedition to take Acadia from the French. William Johnson sailed from Boston to Port Royal, Acadia on the New England transport ship Devonshire.

After some minor skirmishes and firing of muskets and cannon, the French surrendered on October 6, 1710. After the fall of the French Port Royal, the English called the facility Fort Anne in honor of the reigning Queen Anne of England. William "Billy" Johnson became an officer at the fort.

While at the fort, William met and married Elizabeth Corporon, a local French girl. Elizabeth had quite an influence on William. He converted from the English Protestant religion to the Catholic faith. He changed his name from William Johnson to Guillaume Jeansonne to reflect the French influence in that part of Canada. He also helped locals in their fight to remain free from English influence and rule.

William Johnson, now called Guillaume Jeansonne, fathered a son who was born
January 11, 1715. This son was named Jean Baptiste Jeansonne. This is our direct ancestor

Other children of William Johnson/Guillaume Jeansonne are:
  • A daughter, Marie Jeansonne was born September 9. 1713.
  • A son, Charles Jeansonne was born July 10, 1717.
  • A son, Thomas Jeansonne was June 14, 1719.
  • A son, William Jeansonne was in July 1722.
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