Thomas Neely Family 1695

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Thomas Neely was born about 1695 in Ballynasaggart by Clogher, Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland .
I believe Thomas's full name to be Thomas Ian Neely but have been unable to confirm at this time. Thomas was the son of John Siege Neely and Martha Rankin.

Thomas died June 22, 1756 in York, Pennsylvania.

DNA testing has made the connection of Thomas Neely to John Ellis (b. 1772).
One of the five sons of Thomas Neely below could be either the father or the grandfather of John E Ellis (b. 1772).

Thomas Neely married Agnes Matthews about 1721 in Ireland.
Children of Thomas Neely and Agnes Matthews are as follows:

  • A son, Samuel Neely was born about 1722
  • A son, Thomas Neely II was born about 1723
  • A son, Jackson Neely was born about 1725
  • A son John Neely was born about 1729
  • A daughter Mary Jane Neely was born about 1731
  • A son, Matthew Neely was born about 1733.
  • Thomas and Agnes would have come to Pennsylvania about 1728-1730.

    Most of the information on the Neely family has come from the internet and may or may not contain errors and ommissions. If you have any corrections or additions to the information contained herein, please use the email to notify me. I am also interested in any pictures or stories that you may have regarding my Neely family (especially in regards to the father of John Ellis b. 1772). I am offering $100 reward for the first person who provides documented proof to me of the link(s) from Thomas Neely (b. 1695) to John Ellis (b. 1772). Please notify me at .

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