Selman/Sellman Family

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There are a number of variations of the spelling of Selman in the various Selman families including Sellman, Selmon, Salmon, Saleman and others.

The English name Selman originated with the Anglo Saxon version of Solomon. The English version of the name was first found in Surrey where they were Lords of the manor of Caterham from early times.

The German version of Seleman means man servant or a middleman in a commercial transaction (broker).

Most of the Selman settlers in the United States came from England or Wales. The earliest documented Selman is John Sellman who was born in 1554 in Trent, Somesetshire, England. Our line of descendants from John Selman may be seen here.

Our closest Selman relative is Lillian Margaret Selman who married Albert Alvin Jones.

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