O'Quinn Family

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There are a number of variations of the spelling of O'Quinn in the various O'Quinn families including OCuinn, Conn, Quine, Mac Quin and others.

The name O'Quinn appears first in the Irish County of Longford where they were Lords of Muintar Gillagain. These all decended from Conn who was decended from the Princess of Annaly.

Most of the O'Quinn settlers in the United States came from England or Wales. We do not have a direct O'Quinn ancestor, however the O'Quinn's were related to a number of our relatives. The earliest documented O'Quinn is Bryant O'Quinn who the father of John O'Quinn who was born in 1754 in Kershaw, South Carolina. Our line of descendants from Bryant O'Quinn
may be seen here.

Our closest O'Quinn relative is Boyd O'Quinn who married Lula Mae Alexander. This is not a direct line but is important because the O'Quinn family is related to both our Jones and Alexander lines.

Much genealogical work on the O'Quinn family was done over the years by Lorine O'Quinn. We will be reviewing parts of this work as circumstances permit.

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