Joshua D Jones Family 1785

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Joshua D Jones was born about 1785.
His place of birth and name of parents are unknown at this time.

He died prior to December 25, 1846 in Angelina County, Texas.

He married Sarah P (last name unknown) about 1815.

The death date showing on many researchers is April 12, 1847. This is in error.

Pg. 536-537 Angelina Deed Records Book A (pp.20, 21) 25 Dec. 1846.
Deed of partition of estate of JOSHUA D. JONES, dec'd,

Mrs. Sarah P. Jones, wife of Joshua D. Jones, 160 acres out of headright of John F. Jones, certificate dated 31 Dec. 1839, which adjoins John Massongill (sic) and Richad Parmalee deadright;

Mrs. Martha Kuydendoll, daughter of Joshua D. Jones and wife of James H. Kuydendoll, 160 acres from south end of J. Jones headright whicl lays between George and Henry Massongill's headright surveys;

Mrs. Nancy Ann Gardenhire, daughter of J. D. Jones and wife of William Gardenshire, 160 acres out of Joshua D. Jones headright;

Mrs. Elizabeth Massongill, daugher of Joshua D. Jones and wife of Isaac Massongill, 160 acres out of John F. Jones headright between Mrs.Sarah D. Jones' land and John Massongill, (sic) and R. Parmalee headright;

James M. Jones, son of J. D. Jones, dec'd, 480 acres out of Joshua D. Jones headright being remainder of tract awarded to Mrs. Nancy Ann Gardenhire, and mechanical tools, and 160 acres from John F. Jones headright on north end between George and Henry Massongill. (sic)

Signed by: Sarah P. Jones (X), James H. Kuykendoll (X), Martha M. Kuykendoll (X), Isaac Massongill (X),, William Garedenhire (X), Nancy A. Gardenhire (X), Elizabeth Massongill (X), James M. Jones (X), John F. Jones (X), Wit: John D. Gann, James W. Briddes (X),

Recorded 12 April 1847 (This is the date being used as a death date by some.)

"Deed of Partition of Estate of Joshua D. Jones, Dec'd", dated 25 Dec 1846, Angelina Co, TX.

Joshua D Jones fathered a son in 1818 who was John Franklin Jones. This is our direct ancestor

Other children of Joshua D Jones and Sarah P are:

  • A son, James M Jones was born about 1816.
  • A daughter, Martha Matilda Jones was born December 12, 1821.
  • A daughter, Nancy Ann Jones was born about 1822.
  • A daughter, Elizabeth Jones was born about 1826.
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