John Johannes Jount Family 1723

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John Johannes Jount was born April 23, 1723 in Nederbronn, Alsace-Loraine, France.
He died January 25, 1790 in Plantation, Lincoln, North Carolina.

He married Anna Elizabeth Zimmerman October 4, 1751 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

John Johannes Jount fathered a son who was born June 9, 1752.
This son was named Jacob A Jount. This is our direct ancestor

Other children of John Johannes Jount are:
  • A daughter, Mary Jount was born in 1754.
  • A daughter, Katherine Jount was born May 12, 1758.
  • A son, John Henry Jount was born September 21, 1759.
  • A son, John Michael Jount was born December 14, 1761.
  • A son, John George Jount was born December 14, 1761.
  • A daughter, Maria Jount was born in 1763.
  • A daughter, Susanna Jount was born July 16, 1764.
  • A daughter, Anna Elizabeth Jount was born June 25, 1769.
  • A daughter, Salome Jount was born March 27, 1771.
  • A son, Andrew Jount was born May 29, 1774.
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