Captain John Howard Family 1738

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John Howard was born in 1738 in England.
He married Anna Margaret Inman.
John died November 10, 1796 in Bamburg, Colleton County, South Carolina.

The tradition among his Georgia descendants is that John Howard came to America from England as a young lad and was indentured to a Virginia farmer.

It is thought that his parents may have died On board ship en route to the Colonies. The farmer, known for his temper, became angry with the boy and struck him with an ear of shucked dried corn with such force that its imprint was left on his temple for life.

Young John ran away from the farmer, joined the Virginia militia and marched with Colonel George Washington to the Monongahela River in Pennsylvania (near present Pittsburgh) during the French and Indian War.

On July 9, 1755, John Howard was standing close enough to hear Washington attempt to persuade Edward Braddock, renowned British general, to allow the Americans to fight Indian style from concealed positions behind trees, rocks and bushes. General Braddock was adamant in his refusal, and before the day ended, he was mortally wounded and all of his mounted officers slain except Washington. Thus, John Howard was present at Braddock's defeat.

This story, which cannot be documented, has passed down through the families of the late John S. Howard, Sr. of Tattnall Co. and the late Daniel S. Howard of Long Co.

The marker at the grave of John S. Howard, Sr. Ebenezer Free Will Baptist Church cemetery, Tattnall County., bears the inscription: "Great Grandson of John Howard Who Was in Braddocks Defeat."

John Howard later moved to South Carolina.

John Howard fathered a son who was born September 9, 1786. The son was named John Howard. This is our direct ancestor

Other children of Captain John Howard are:
  • A daughter, Catherine Howard was born about 1762
  • A son, Samuel Howard was born about 1770.
  • A daughter, Mary Elizabeth Howard was born April 11, 1772
  • A son, George Howard was born June 17, 1777.
  • A son, Jacob Howard was born March 6, 1783 .
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