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Who is the father of John E Ellis 1772?

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DNA evidence says that the Ellis family paternal links from John E Ellis lead to the Neely family. Specifically, the branch of the Neely family that goes through Thomas Neely (b. 1695). Nancy Ellis, the author of a book on the Ellis family has always questioned why John E Ellis kept detailed records of marriages, births and deaths in his family bible but never mentioned his own birth or any information on his parents. It now appears that we may now know part of the answer.

John E Ellis (b. 1772) appears to have been adopted and raised as part of the John Ellis (b. 1750) family. This family moved from Goochland County, Virginia to Eastern Tennessee. Since our roots go back to the Thomas Neely branch of the Neely family, it only seems natural to begin search for the father of John E Ellis with the family of Thomas Neely.

Thomas Neely had 5 sons who could have been the father of John E Ellis (b. 1772); Samuel Neely, Thomas Neely, Jackson Neely, John Neely, and Matthew Neely.

In addition to the five sons, there were 7 grandsons who might also have been the father of John E Ellis (b. 1772); Thomas Neely (Samuels's son), John Neely (Samuel's son), William Neely (Samuel's son), John Neely (Thomas Neely II's son), Samuel Neely (Jackson's son), and Thomas Neely (Jackson's son). I have eliminated all grandsons of Thomas Neely (b. 1695) under the age of 16 from consideration. This may have to be revisited at some time in the future.

Of Thomas's sons, I have eliminated from consideration Samuel who stayed in Pennsylvania and did not move away. I also eliminated Thomas's son John for the same reason. Thomas's son Thomas II moved to North Carolina and appears to have had a large, stable family. Thomas II fathered his last child about 1770. Thomas's son Jackson moved to South Carolina and appears to have had 2 large, stable families. I eliminated both Thomas II and Jackson from consideration.

Thomas's son Matthew is a different story. He appears to have had one son, Hugh about 1760 and then the next reported child is in 1774, followed by additional children in 1779 and 1781. At some time during his marriage he moved to South Carolina. This would have given him potential contacts in Virginia, North Carolina and Hawkins County, Tennessee.

As far as the grandsons are concerned, I eliminated Samuel's sons Thomas and Samuel and Jackson's son, Samuel. They all remained in Pennsylvania and did not move away. Samuel's son John did move to North Carolina but his family included Elizabeth, who was also born in 1772. I eliminated John from consideration. Little is known of Samuel's son, William and he must be considered a possible father.

Thomas's (b. 1723) son, John, had a large family in North Carolina but there was not enough time between his children Hannah and Thomas to have had another child. I also eliminated him.

I am thus left with 2 primary focus points: Thomas's (b. 1695) son Matthew and Samuel's son William as being possible fathers of John E Ellis (b. 1772). There is also a possibility that Thomas Neely's (b. 1695) two brothers, John Neely and Robert Neely and their families may need to be considered at a later time. Thomas Neely's (b. 1695) mother appears to have died in Massachusetts and his sister, Susan, died in North Carolina.

Most of the information on the Neely family has come from the internet and may or may not contain errors and ommissions. If you have any corrections or additions to the information contained herein, please use the email to notify me. I am also interested in any pictures or stories that you may have regarding my Neely family (especially in regards to the father of John Ellis b. 1772). I am offering $100 reward for the first person who provides documented proof to me of the link(s) from Thomas Neely (b. 1695) to John Ellis (b. 1772). Please notify me at .

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