John Aaron Drake III Family 1810

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John Aaron Drake III was born about 1810 in Orleans Territory, Louisiana..
He died in 1892 in St Landry Parish, LA.
He married Elizabeth Ashworth March 10, 1828, in Opelousis, St Landry Parish, LA.

John Aaron Drake III fathered a son who was born in 1835.
The son was named James Wilson Drake.. This is our direct ancestor

Other children of John Aaron Drake III and Elizabeth Ashworth are:
  • A daughter, Mary Drake was born in Aug 1833.
  • A daughter, Gileteen Sarah Ann Drake was born October 24, 1837.
  • A daughter, Ellender Drake was born in 1840.
  • A daughter, Dianna Vianna Drake was born in 1837.
  • A son, Jesse Drake was born in 1842.
  • A daughter, Melissa Drake was born in 1844.
  • A son, Alfred Drake was born in 1846.
  • A daughter, Emily Drake was born in 1848.
  • A daughter, Rachel Drake was born in 1830.
  • A daughter, Sarah Ann Drake was born October 24, 1831.
  • A daughter, Elizabeth Drake was born about 1853.
  • A daughter, Melinda Drake was born about 1855.
  • A son, Martin Drake was born about 1859.
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