John Thomas Alexander Family 1825

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John Thomas Alexander was born about January 1825 in Moulton, Lawrence County, Alabama.
He died in 1866 in Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas.
He is supposed to be buried at the Creageville Cemetery in Van Zandt County.
I have not been able to locate this grave.

He married Mary Helen Gillespie on January 27, 1843 in Moulton, Lawrence County, Alabama.

John had one son from his first marriage. Henry Johnson Alexander was born January 22, 1845. Mary died about 1849 in Moulton, Lawrence County, Alabama and John was left with a small son to raise.

At the time of the 1850 census, John was living in the home of his first mother-in-law, Lucy Gillespie, without his son Henry. Lucy's last name was spelled "Gilasphi" on the 1850 census.

He married Mary Jane Baker on July 29, 1852 in Itawamba County, Mississippi.

John Thomas Alexander fathered a son who was born February 9, 1862 who was named
John Thomas Alexander, Jr. This is our direct ancestor

Other children of John Thomas Alexander are:
  • A son, James Terry Alexander was born May 11, 1854.
  • A son, William Green Alexander was born September 5, 1856.
  • A daughter, Julia Melinda Alexander was born September 19, 1859.
  • A son, Moses Jackson Alexander was born June 1, 1864.
  • A daughter, Mary Ann Alexander was born January 17, 1867.
  • A son, George Samuel Alexander was born March 11, 1869.
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