Johannes Gann Family 1680

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Johannes Gann was born about 1680 in Alsace-Loraine, France.
He died about 1774 in Leigh County, Pennsylvania.

He married Regina about 1702. Regina died July 21, 1751.
Johannes then married Amelia Elizabeth Marstaller on September 18, 1751.

Amelia was a lot younger than Johannes but it said that Amelia's father was getting older and was very close to his death. Amelia's father wanted his daughter taken care before he died. He arranged Amelia's marriage to Johannes. In this way Amelia would be taken care of after his death.

There is a great deal of controversey around whether or not Johannes Gann and Regina are actually in our family genealogy. Most researchers agree that Johannes Gann was the father of most Pennsylvania German/Dutch in New England. DNA testing of known descendants of Samuel Gann seems to indicate that Samuel Gann's relatives would have been from England and France - not Germany.

Our belief at this time is that Johannes Gann fathered a son who was born about 1703
and was named Samuel Gann. This is our direct ancestor

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