James Edward Ellis, Sr. Family 1916

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James Edward Ellis was born October 23, 1916 in Sedgewickville, Bollinger County, Missouri.
He is the son of Kerry Lee Ellis and Mae Ethel Yount.

He died September 17, 2008 at his home in Hurst, Texas under hospice care and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas..

He married Helen Lucille Howard August 18, 1941 in Liberty, Liberty County, Texas.

Church life and baptisms were important events in small-town America during the early part of the 1900's. Click here to see the day that James Edward Ellis, Sr. was baptised.

Jim had left school in the 8th grade to join a carnival/circus show owned by the father of his lifetime friend from that time forward, Mel Hall. Mel taught Jim how to ride a unicycle. Jim performed as a wire walker and fighter on the carnival circuit. One of the carnival's draws was to have Jim take on all comers in a boxing match in each town that they played.

During the late 1930's Jim joined his father, Lee, and his brother, John, in the area around Freer, Texas. Among his other jobs, he worked for a scap yard in Alice, Texas traveling around the countryside in Duval County buying and selling scrap metal and equipment. His life on the road of carnivals and shows proved to be great training for his future life of sales.

During World War II, Jim joined the National Guard and was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He later worked for Charles Hoffer Co selling men's and boy's clothing until retiring.

James Edward Ellis fathered a son. The son was named James Edward Ellis, Jr.
This is our direct ancestor.

All other children of James Edward Ellis are currently living and will not be listed at this time.

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