James Knox Polk Ellis Family 1840

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James Knox Polk Ellis was born January 8, 1840 in Church Hill, Hawkins County, Tennessee.
He is the son of William Neal Ellis and Mary Polly Redd Morrison

He died February 24, 1906 in Sedgewickville, Bollinger County, Missouri and is buried in the Ellis Family cemetery at Flatwoods, Missouri. He was named after one of the most popular politicians in Tennessee, James K Polk.

He married Margaret B Sample on December 16, 1858 in Greene County, Tennessee.
After Margaret died in 1894, James married Nancy Geer on June 19, 1895.

James K Polk Ellis is buried in the family cemetery at Flatwoods, near Patton, Missouri. He is buried with one wife buried on his right and another wife buried on his left.

There are a number of great stories about James K Polk Ellis.
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James K Polk Ellis fathered a son who was born January 19, 1865.
This son was named James Franklin Ellis. This is our direct ancestor

Other chiildren of James K Polk Ellis are:
  • A son, George Finis Ellis was born October 22, 1866.
  • A son, William N Ellis was born December 15, 1859.
  • A son, John Isaac Ellis was born October 8, 1861.
  • A daughter, Mary E Ellis was born August 18. 1868.
  • A son, S E Ellis was born February 6, 1849.
  • A daughter, Margaret Ida Ellis was born April 11, 1874.
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