James Joseph Ashworth, Jr Family 1788

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James Joseph Ashworth, Jr. was born June 29, 1788 in Indian Territory Pandleton Distinct, South Carolina.
He died in 1870 in Angelina County, Texas and is buried at Gann Cemetery, Angelina County, Texas

He married Mary Polly Perkins September 23, 1811 in Opelousas, Louisiana.

James Joseph Ashworth, Jr fathered a daughter who was born in 1813.
This daughter was named Elizabeth Ashworth. This is our direct ancestor.

Other children of James Joseph Ashworth, Jr and Mary Polly Perkins are:
  • A son, Moses Ashworth was born in 1812.
  • A daughter, Anna Ashworth was born in 1813.
  • A daughter, Sarah Ashworth was born in 1814.
  • A daughter, Dianna Ashworth was born in 1819.
  • A son, Jesse Ashworth was born in 1823.
  • A son, Eli Ashworth was born January 17, 1824.
  • A son, Luke Ashworth was born in 1824.
  • A daughter, Keziah Kissie Ashworth was born May 29, 1826.
  • A son, James Joseph Ashworth, III was born in 1828.
  • A daughter, Gozia Ashworth was born in 1830.
  • A daughter, Mary Vianna Ashworth was born February 15, 1831.
  • A daughter, Hester Ashworth was born in 1831.
  • A daughter, Louisa Ashworth was born in 1833.
  • A son, Crawford Ashworth was born in 1835.
  • A son, Joshua Harrison Ashworth was born in 1842.
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