James Ashworth Family 1737

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James Ashworth was born about 1737 in England.
He died in 1766 in Craven County, South Carolina.

He married Catherine Choctaw Smithe about 1761. Catherine was born about 1740 in Choctaw County, Mississppi.

In 1774 James Ashworth received a royal land grant in the Pee Dee region. Much has been made of this fact, and there are suggestions that it indicates a special link to England. Some believe it was a reward for James' loyalty to the crown in the Revolution, but that can't be true since the Revoluition had not started in 1774.

The probable answer is that South Carolina was a royal colony, and the king owned all public land. Any land grant would naturally be a royal grant. The grant was probably a reward for James' service in the Cherokee Wars in the late 1760s. Similarly, later U. S. land grants were made to military service veterans in the name of the President of the United States although they were actuaIly signed by a land office official.

James Ashworth fathered a son who was born about 1763 who was named
James Ashworth. This is our direct ancestor

Other children of James Ashworth are:
  • A son, John Ashworth was born about 1755.
  • A son, John Ashworth was born about 1759
  • A son, Benjamin Ashworth was born about 1761
  • A son, James Ashworth was about 1763.
  • A son, Aaron Ashworth was about 1764.
  • A son, William Ashworth was about 1766.
  • A son, Moses Ashworth was about 1775.
  • A daughter, Rebecca Ashworth was about 1785.
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