Jacob A Yount Family 1752

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Jacob A Yount was born June 9, 1752 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania.
He died August 14, 1819 in Paton, Bollinger County, Missouri.

He married Amarillis Elizabeth Killian in 1782 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.

Jacob A Yount fathered a son who was born in 1798.
This son was named David Yount. This is our direct ancestor

Other children of Jacob A Yount are:
  • A son, John B Yount was born in 1782.
  • A daughter, Elizabeth Yount was born in 1784.
  • A son, Henry yount was born in 1787.
  • A son, Joey Jacob Yount was born in 1788.
  • A daughter, Sarah Yount was born in 1790.
  • A daughter, Christina Yount was born November 11, 1793.
  • A son, George Calvert Yount was born May 4, 1794.
  • A daughter, Catherine Yount was born in 1796.
  • A daughter, Sussanna Yount was born November 24, 1802.
  • A son, Jesse Yount was born February 18, 1804.
  • A daughter, Sophia Yount was born in 1806.
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