Hugh Matthews Family 1681

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Hugh Matthews was born about 1681 in Isle of Wright County, Virginia.
He died November 7, 1747 in South Hampton, Virginia.

He married Martha Johnson about 1708 in Isle of Wight, Virginia.

He married Ann apparantly after the death of Martha.

Some reports show Ann to be the mother of some or all of the children but she did not enter the picture until Martha was no longer part of the family.

Hugh Matthews fathered a son who was born about 1715 who was named
Joseph Matthews. This is our direct ancestor

Other children of Hugh Matthews and Martha Johnson are:
  • A son, William Matthews - 1710.
  • A daughter, Mary Matthews - 1713.
  • A son, Edward Matthews.
  • A daughter, Hester Matthews - 1717.
  • A daughter, Edmond Matthews - 1719.
  • A son, John Matthews - 1719.
  • A daughter, Patience Matthews - 1722.
  • A son, Benjamin Matthews - 1725.
  • A son, Ralph Matthews - 1726.
  • A daughter, Sarah Matthews - 1728.
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