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The following families may be accessed: Alexander, Ashworth, Berry, Bollinger, Clark, Doyle, Drake, Ellis, Gann, Goins, Grindstaff, Howard, Johnson, Jones, Matthews, Mayfield, Neely, O'Quinn, Perkins, Robertson, Selman, Smith and Yount.

American indian tribe members arranged by tribe: Choctaw, Cherokee, Lumbee

Ethnic diversification Melungeon, Mulatto, Freed Slaves

Royalty arranged by country: England, France, Ireland, Wales

Public enemies: John Henry Selman

Noteable family members: Daniel Boone, Wyatt Earp, Rush Limbaugh

If you want to have a bit of fun, I have included some of the various genealogies of the English Royal Family with roots that go back to Adam and Eve.

Keep in mind while going through the Adam to Queen Elizabeth genealogy that there are questions about the accuracy of certain parts of this genealogy. It is interesting to me that certain of our relatives show lineages that intersect with various portions of the Adam and Eve genealogy. Additional genealogies of various families will be added at a later time.

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