Grindstaff Family

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There are a number of variations of the spelling of Grindstaff in the various Grindstaff families including Grindall, Grindle, Grindell, Frenzhof, Crantzdorf and many others..

The German name Grindstaff appears first near Heildelberg as Frenzhof. The Anglo Saxon version in England is first found in the chapelry of Grindall in Yorkshire. Some conjecture is made that the Grindstaff clan was present in Yorkshire prior to 1066.

Most of our Grindstaff settlers in the United States came from Germany. The earliest documented Grindstaff in our family is Deitrich Crantzdorf who was born about 1652 in Germany. We will be adding to this line in the near future. Our line of descendants from Deitrich Crantzdorf may be seen here.

Our closest Grindstaff relative is Hannah Grindstaff who married James Franklin Ellis.

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