Gladys Estelle Alexander Family 1914

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Gladys Estelle Alexander was born March 15, 1914 in Pollock, Angelina County, Texas.
She is the daughter of John Thomas Alexander and Fannie Robertson

Although the birth certificate says March 15 is her birth date, Gladys celebrated March 16 as her birth date throughout her life and March 16, 1914 appears on her tombstone.

She died from cancer on January 27, 1978 in Liberty, Liberty County, Texas.
She is buried at the Magnolia Park Cemetery in Dayton, Liberty County, Texas

She married Joseph Weldon Jones on August 3, 1931 in Liberty County, Texas.

Gladys and Weldon lived in Dayton, Texas after being married. When Weldon was drafted into the army about 1943, Gladys was left to raise 3 girls with some help from church friends and relatives. When Edna Ruth Jones contracted polio in 1951, Gladys spent her time going back and forth to the various hospitals and physical therapy locations until Ruth was able to go back to school. After Ruth went back to school, Gladys made 4 or 5 trips a day to the school to make sure that Ruth's physical needs were taken care of. There was always a hot meal at lunch time at home.

Another daughter, Betty Eugenia Jones developed rheumatic fever about age 15 and required a year's bed rest at home. Betty later developed diabetes after the birth of her first child.

Gladys worked at various jobs including a nursing home in Dayton for fifty three (53) cents per hour to help support the family while her children were going to school.

Gladys later worked at Perry's general merchandise store and also took time to work in the nursery of the First Baptist Church of Dayton, Texas on Sundays. For a period of 30 years or so, she helped raise most of the children in Dayton, Texas.

At her funeral in 1978 there were over 100 cars in the procession from the church to the cemetery. This was in a town whose total population at the time was about 3,800 people. She was loved and admired by all that knew her.

Gladys Estelle Alexander was the mother of Edna Ruth Jones.
This is our direct ancestor

Other children of Gladys Estelle Alexander and Joseph Weldon Jones are:

  • A daughter, Betty Eugenia Jones was born August 15, 1937.
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