Freed Slaves

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Our family consists of persons who have at one time or another been in bondage to another person.

These persons may have been of any ethnic or religious group. It is necessary to remember that Africans, Americans, Englishmen, and Indians have all at one time or another both been slaves and owners of slaves. Our family is composed of all the above groups. Members of our family have been slaves in many parts of the world, including ancient Egypt and the Americas.
Others of our family have owned slaves.

Please do not judge the subject of either being a slave or owning a slave according to the current mores of our country. Whether slavery is supported or condemned seems to change according to the times, customs and politics of the location. In many parts of the world today the older form of slavery has been replaced with the more modern economic slavery. This web site is here to report history - not to debate it. DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER.

John Geaween, Mihil Gowen

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