upholstery remnants

We have a small quantity (300-400 rolls) of mill end upholstery in a variety of solids and prints in widths from 50-60 inches. Most of these items are cotton or poly cotton prints but will also include silks, rayons, and other assorted fabrics. Some items are heavy others are sheer. Many of these items sold originally for $20-50 per yard. While they last, we offer we will sell these items for only $4.00 per pound.

We will match colors as closely as possible on this item. We cannot guarantee any particular manufacturer's pattern. Our inventory consists of limited quantities of all prints. We generally do not get the same item twice. We have dealers that purchase 1000 yards or more of this item at a time. You too will be impressed with the quality and price.

Flat fold items of the above upholstery and drapery fabric in 1-5 yard remnants are available for $3.50 per pound. This item makes great throw pillows, etc. You may specify whether you prefer solids or prints. We will ship what we have available at the time. You will be pleased!

Your imagination and our mill ends make a wonderful combination!

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