Crochet Rag Rugs and Crochet Rag Placemats Available

We offer a complete line of hand-crafted rugs for home or office. Rug quality and size will vary from rug to rug as a result of the individual crocheting characteristics of our crafters.


Some of our crafters have won ribbons at the State Fair of Texas.

Our rugs are all medium size (4-6 pounds and are shipped without bows). Our rugs may be ordered in round (about 3' diameter), oval (about 2'x3"), or heart-shaped patterns (about 3' across). Our price for these rugs is $85. If decorative bows are desired, please add $5 to the price.

We also have rugs that can be made any width and any length. These rugs can be made in lengths for hall runners etc. Click here for a view of a small sample rug.


Special orders for colors or special needs may be accepted. Please call or e-mail us for special quotes.

Individual Patterns are available on request

We also carry a variety of Placemats. Placemats are approximately 1 1/4 pounds each and are priced at $20 each. Placemats are available in oval patterns only at this time. Decorative bows are not available on Placemats.

Please go to our specific pages for information on available products.

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