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Full width lace for curtains and tables. 50-60 inches wide. Available in several colors. Pictures should be available shortly.

This item will sell for $8 per yard

We have a heavy curtain lace that is approximately 14-16 inches wide available in either white or ecru. This lace may have a 1-2 inch over cut about every 5 feet on some pieces. This item usually comes in lengths that are 10 yards long and weighs about 2 pounds per piece. This item sells for only $2.50 per pound.

We also have a 4" wide lace that is light weight and makes a great ruffle for curtains, etc. This item comes in burgandy, navy, white, black, and ecru. This item is available in limited quantities. Please confirm availability prior to ordering this item. This lace sells for only $4.50 per pound. A 3-pound roll contains approximately 180 yards.

Rag dolls and other textile crafts are common uses of our fabric. Your imagination and our mill ends make a wonderful combination!

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