Imitation is said to be the greatest flattery.

Fabric By The Pound has provided great merchandise at low prices for a number of years in both our brick and morter location and over the internet.

We have seen the rise and fall of a large number of imitators in this business. There are always those that prefer the "work at home" concept because of the lower costs and the convenience. This works well for some and we encourage this approach for those that are wishing to pursue this approach. We find the "theft at home" of intellectual property to be morally and ethically WRONG and ILLEGAL!

I am concerned at this time that there are those who are currently stealing intellectual ideas and creative work and passing these same ideas and work off as being original with the thief.

Reprints of old patterns that are out of print and are out of copyright are one thing, but there are those who are taking current copyrighted patterns that have been developed by other craftspersons and are passing the patterns off as thier own.

Some of the folks involved in pattern and idea theft have reportedly already had service terminated at one or more web sites and still ply thier craft of thievery with different service providers today.

Even the name Fabric By The Pound has been misused and misappropriated by some. We have spent thousands of dollars registering and promoting the name only to have others attempt to misuse our name in their web sites and advertising.

Fabric By The Pound has attorneys available and is in the process of setting up a legal fund for craftspersons that have had their copyrighted works infringed upon by others on the Internet. It is our plan to take legal action against those involved and file civil charges, as appropriate, against those who would steal the handiwork of others.

Help eliminate theft and fraud from the Internet.

Fabric By The Pound


Please contact us by e-mail with complete details if you feel that your pattern or work has been stolen and/or modified by others.


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