curtain remnants

Special Purchase !!

We have just purchased an additional large supply of finished curtains and valances.
Curtains are packed 2 to a package and are first-quality goods.
Prices are $4 per pair while supply lasts.
Your choice of colors. We have solids and prints.

If you have a retail store and can use low-cost inventory, contact us NOW!
We have packed valances in boxes of 48. We have mixed solids and prints in the box.
The box of 48 valences is priced at wholesale at $100. You pay the freight.


We also have available an assortment of partially finished curtain remnants.
This item will be a mix of partially finished curtains, valencies, and light weight curtain panels.
This item sells for only $4.50 per pound.

Most valencies are for 30-36" windows. The partially finished curtains make great aprons.
Your imagination and our mill ends make a wonderful combination!

Please go to our specific pages for information on available products.

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