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There are a number of variations of the spelling of Ellis in the various Ellis families. These variations include Elias, Ellice Elis, etc

The name Ellis appears to have originated when the crusaders made contact with Greece and Greek culture in order to honor the various saints and martyrs.

The Greek word Elias comes from the Hebrew work Eliyahu which means "Jehovah is God".

As a side note, there are a great many preachers of various faiths in the Ellis families.
There are also quite a few sinners.

Breaking News

DNA is a wonderful thing. However, it does tend to change what we thought was history from time to time. Several members of our family have had DNA testing done and complete reports are currently being received. At this time, it appears certain that John Ellis (1772) is as far back as the Ellis name goes in our lineage. For additional information please see John Ellis.

Most of the Ellis settlers in the United States came from England or Wales. The earliest documented Ellis is John Ellis who was born in Virginia March 16, 1772. There are a number of conflicts in the reported heritage of the Ellis family. We will address several of these variations. Our documented line of descendants from John E Ellis may be seen here.

The closest Ellis relative indentified online is James E Ellis, Jr who married Edna Ruth Jones.

A number of folks named Ellis helped the cause of American freedom during the Revolutionary War. For a list of Ellis names that have been entered in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) roster and thus may qualify for membership, click here.

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