Elias Arthur Ashworth Family 1852

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Elias Arthur Ashworth was born about 1852 in Calcasieu Parish, LA.
He died in 1923 at Groesbeck, Limestone County, Texas and is buried at Forth Parker, Texas.

He married Sarah Elizabeth Clark about 1873. Sarah was born about 1857 in Rapides Parish, Louisiana. Elias and Sarah are second cousins, both being great grandchildren of James Joseph Ashworth, Jr. Sarah died about 1886 in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

Children of Elias Arthur Ashworth and Sarah Elizabeth Clark are:
  • A son, Reese Ashworth was born May 22, 1874.
  • A son, Ira Ashworth was born September 5, 1876
  • A son, Gideon Ashworth was born April 24, 1879
  • A son, Inidea Ashworth was born about 1880.
  • A daughter, Emidee Ashworth was born July 16, 1881.
  • A daughter, Sina Ashworth was born August 4, 1884.
  • He married Isabelle Elizabeth Drake in 1897. Isabelle was born about 1868 in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. Elias and Isabelle are both descendants of James Joseph Ashworth, Sr.

    Elias Arthur Ashworth fathered a daughter with Isabelle Drake who was born March 9, 1900 who was named Cynthia Ashworth. This is our direct ancestor

    Other children of Elias Arthur Ashworth and Isabelle Elizabeth Drake are:
  • A daughter, Sarah E Ashworth was born September 13, 1888.
  • A daughter, Laura Ashworth was born in February 1890.
  • A daughter, Dutch Ashworth was born about 1892.
  • A daughter, Clara Ashworth was born April 22, 1894
  • A son, Fred Ashworth was born in February 1896
  • A daughter, Amanda Ashworth was born December 1893.
  • A son, Morgan Ashworth was born July 7, 1898.
  • A son, Warren Ashworth was born December 7, 1898.
  • A son, Frank Ashworth was born about 1904.
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