Daniel Boone Family 1734

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Daniel Boone was born November 2, 1734 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
He is the son of Squire Boone, Sr and Sarah Morgan.

He died September 26, 1820 in Charitte Villiage, St Charles County, Missouri and is buried in the Bryan Cemetery, Marthasville, Warren County, Missouri.

He married Rebecca Bryan August 14, 1756.

Daniel Boone gave birth to a son who was born December 17, 1730.
This son was named Johnathon Boone. This is our direct relative.

Other children of Daniel Boone and Mary Nancy Carter are:

  • A son, James Boone was born May 3, 1757.
  • A son, Israel Boone was born January 25, 1759.
  • A daughter, Susannah Boone was born November 2, 1760.
  • A daughter, Jerima Boone was born October 4, 1762.
  • A daughter, Levina Boone was born March 23, 1766.
  • A daughter, Rebecca Boone was born May 26, 1768.
  • A son, Daniel Morgan Boone II was born December 21, 1769.
  • A son, Jesse Boone was born May 23, 1773.
  • A son, William Boone was born June 20, 1775.
  • A son, Nathan Boone was born March 2, 1781.
  • Daniel Boone is best known for being an early American pioneer who traveled west of the mountains to what is now Kentucky to hunt, trap and explore. Since traveling into this part of the country at this time involved going into what was then indian territory, he was involved from time to time in fights with the local Cherokee or Shawnee indians. His reputation and that of Davy Crockett resulted in books being written to describe the encounters on the frontier. What is true and what is fiction is sometimes interchanged.

    What is certain is that as a result of his explorations, his skills were in high demand from others that wanted to travel into this uncharted area. First the hunters and trappers and later the settlers hired him to lead them westward. Some of our other relatives were part of his early trips as they sought to settle in Kentucky and then Tennessee.

    In 1774, while our brothers in the northern states were beginning to prepare for the Revolutionary War for Independence, our brothers in North Carolina and what would become Tennessee and Kentucky were fighting the Shawnee indians for control of the indian territory. In some cases it may be said that the indians were not necessarily the savages.

    At the conclusion of the Shawnee war in 1774, Richard Henderson, a prominent judge from North Carolina purchased the indian's rights to all of Kentucky with the idea that he would set up his own colony and call it Transylvania. Henderson hired Daniel Boone to blaze a road through the wilderness to Kentucky that went through Cumberland Gap. The Wilderness Road ran through what is now Hawkins County, Tennessee which was the stopping point for our relative John E Ellis (b. 1772) . The area around what is now Rogersville in Hawkins County was settled originally about 1775 by the grandparents of Davy Crockett. The Crockett's were massacred by the local indians in 1777. The town of Rogersville was formed in the early 1800's and is the second oldest town in Tennessee.

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