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I will begin by giving thanks to all those that have made the information possible that is included in this web site.

In the beginning, not all of the resources available today (April, 2012) were available. I spent much time in the Federal Archives in Fort Worth, Texas looking at census records and trying to decipher records that have been archived since the first census. Were it not for the thoughtfulness of those elected officials who saw a need to preserve historical records, this would not have been possible.

In addition to the Federal Archives, the public libraries in Dallas and Mesquite, Texas along with the records of the LDS Church proved to be valuable sources of information. The dedicated employees of these institutions were all very helpful to those of us seeking our roots.

Many members of the various families have contributed to the information contained herein but special mention must be made regarding Edgar Ellis who was ahead of his time in documenting much of our branch of the Ellis family. My sister, Mary Peterson has been extremely helpful in contacting members of our family in the Missouri, Tennessee and Louisiana areas.

Ancestry.com has become the main source of genealogical information on the internet for now. I am very appreciative of their archiving and making information available to the public that has been donated by countless individuals who have chosen to place their genealogical work in the public domain.

This work will show a copyright mark. I ask that if you publish or print any portion of this work that you give credit to the source within your work. Thanks in advance.

Errors, Ommissions, and Copyright infringement
Much of this work has been obtained through work done by others and submitted to Ancestry.com, wikipedia.com or other web sites and/or discussion forums. All of the items included herein has not been verified. If you have additions or corrections to any of this material or if you believe that any of this information is infringing in any way on a copyright, please notify us at and immediate action will be taken.

If you have photos of any of the persons mentioned on this site, I would be happy to include them along with a credit for the source (if desired).

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