Bollinger Family

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There are a number of variations of the spelling of Bollinger in the various Bollinger families.

The name Bollinger is a Swiss/German name for someone that originated in any of three different places called Bollingen (in Schwyz, Wurternberg, and Oldenburg) or from Bohlingen near Lake Constance.

Most of the Bollinger settlers in the United States came from England or Wales. We do not have a direct Bollinger line. The Bollinger family has married a large number of kin folk and have been included as a result of the marriages to other Ellis/Yount kin. As a matter of record, the family reunion in Flatwoods, Missouri on the first Saturday of June each year is called the Ellis/Bollinger Flatwoods reunion.

The earliest documented Bollinger is Conrad Bullinger who was born about 1370. Our line of descendants from Conrad Bullinger may be seen here.

The closest Bollinger relative to our line is Elmer Spencer Bollinger who was born in 1881 and married Mary Margaret Ellis.

Mary Margaret's sister, Ethel Hannah Ellis married Rev Henry Bollinger who was born in 1884.

The Bollinger family in general and Marilyn Bollinger in particular has also proven to be very helpful in documenting much of the history included herein.

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