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The name Alexander appears to have originated in Greece as Alexandros. The name originally meant one who aids mankind. It can also refer to one who is a benefactor to mankind or a person who repels or turns back the enemy in battle.

Alexander the Great from Macedonia made the name famous in battle.

The Alexander genealogy is somewhat difficult to follow for several reasons:
  • The Alexander name has been used for a long time
  • Many families of Alexanders repeat the given name generation after generation (i.e. John, James, Mary, etc.)
  • Genealogists make honest mistakes in judgement
  • Errors in past genealogies also get multiplied by folks that publish other folks mistakes as their own work without doing due diligence first.

    There are several points in our study where there are legitimate differences of opinion on who the parents or children were. In these places, I will attempt to point out these differences. If you see errors or ommissions in this study, please refer to our credits page and let us know.

    In his writing, "Inhabitants of Cecil County 1649-1774" by Henry Peden (p. 133), the following Alexanders were residents of Cecil County, Maryland in 1714.
  • James Alexander (farmer)
  • Arthur Alexander (farmer)
  • David Alexander (weaver)
  • Joseph Alexander (tanner)
  • Most of the Alexander settlers in the United States came from England or Wales. The earliest documented Alexander in our line is John Alexander who was born about 1587 in Scotland . Our line of descendants from John Alexander may be seen here.

    Our closest Alexander relative is Gladys Alexander who married Joseph Weldon Jones.

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