Adam Carter Gann, Sr Family 1727

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Adam Carter Gann, Sr was born about 1727 in Fredrick County, Virginia.
He is the son of Samuel Gann and Elizabeth Carter.

He died August 6, 1812 in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee and is buried in the Gann cemetery in Washington County, Tennessee.

He married Jane Adams about 1756 in Tennessee.

Adam Carter Gann, Sr fathered a son who was born about 1759 who was named
Ignatius Nathan Gann. This is our direct ancestor

Other children of Adam Carter Gann, Sr and Jane Adams are:
  • A son, Clement Gann was born about 1756
  • A son, John B Gann was born in 1760.
  • A son, Joshua Gann was born about 1761.
  • A son, Thomas Gann was born March 17, 1764.
  • A son, Adam Carter Gann, Sr, Jr was born about 1769.
  • A son, Joshua Gann was born about 1761.
  • A son, Daniel L Gann was born in 1777.
  • Please note: some of the dates and places above may be called into question. There are a number of "researchers" that have entered dates and places on the internet in various places from their recollections, beliefs or best guess that actually have no basis in fact. Please verify any of the above dates that you may question. I would appreciate any documentation that changes the above dates or places.

    After the death of Jane, Adam married Christina Hunter.

    Children of Christina Hunter and Adam Carter Gann, Sr are:

  • A daughter, Hannah Gann was born about 1797
  • A daughter, Peggy Gann was born
  • A son, Samuel Gann was born
  • Christina had previously been married to Robert Fryer. Christina's sons from her previous marriage, Alexander and Henry, took the last name of Gann after Christina's marriage to Adam.

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