Ellis Family Genealogy - Prologue

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This web site is dedicated to my grandchildren who have expressed an interest in knowing a bit about who their family is and where we have been.

This work will focus on the Alexander, Ellis, Howard and Jones families but will also include information on many other related families including: Ashworth, Berry, Bollinger, Clark, Doyle, Drake, Gann, Goins, Grindstaff, Johnson, Matthews, Mayfield, Neely, O'Quinn, Perkins, Selman, Smith and Yount.

Our relatives came from England, Ireland, France, Germany, Wales, Switzerland and many other countries. Our native American indian relatives were here to meet them as they arrived. Some of our more venturous frontiersmen like Daniel Boone helped open the west for our other relatives who were looking for a new life.

Our family has included farmers, ranchers, tradesmen of all types, preachers, teachers and small business owners. Our ancestors have included kings, queens, beggars, murderers, thieves and rascals of all types. Many of our relatives never learned to read or write.

We have had relatives elected to public office and other relatives that spent time in public jails.

For a list of U.S. Presidents, click here. For some of the ancestors of The Prophet Muhammad click here. For members of some of the royal families in Europe, click here. Links will be provided later to tie several Presidents, members of royalty and The Prophet Muhammad into our extended family.

One of our relatives was shot and killed as he sat on the back row of church on Sunday morning. Another of our relatives took revenge for a past deed by killing a one-eyed member of another family as the individual sat in front of a business.

Our military men and women have participated in the various Gulf Wars, the Viet Nam War, the Korean conflict, World Wars 1 and 2 and most other conflicts since time began. We had relatives on both sides of the Civil War (also known as the War of Northern Aggression). Some of our military men have received awards of honor, including the purple heart and the bronze star. A few have come from rather humble beginnings and risen to the rank of Colonel and General. Many have served humbly but with pride as enlisted men in the service of their country. A few of our finest young men have died in this same service and have been brought back home in body bags.

This will be a work in progress for the next several years. Please bear with us at the slow pace. We are striving for accuracy but also feel the need for a bit of story telling and entertainment along the way. Please check back with us often.

Our Errors, Omissions, and Copyright statement can be found on the credits Page.

James Edward Ellis, Jr
April 15, 2012

Go with me now as we begin.

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